Rooted and Sustained L.L.C. is a local, small business whose mission is to provide high-quality, year-round greenspace maintenance, while training and employing individuals to beautify and care for their community and the environment.

In 1985, at three years old, it’s Owner and Project Manager, RonDell Pooler started helping with his Grandfather’s construction company. Even though he was just playing pass the bricks, RonDell learned some valuable lessons while helping to build his family home, which is located in the Northeast quadrant of Washington, DC. He learned the value of a strong work ethic, but he also knew he had to enjoy whatever work he does. More important, he learned the value of strong relationships. “It’s not good enough to just forge partnerships. Genuine relationship building will be the key to sustainable collaborations.” That mentality enabled RonDell to collaborate with over 10 entities (individuals and companies) to maintain and impact at least ten acres of greenspace between 1990 and 2004. In 2006 RonDell started working on the business plan for Rooted and Sustained L.L.C. It was registered with the District of Columbia in 2014. Between 2011 and 2016 RonDell trained with and worked for a local nonprofit organization, where he gained extensive knowledge in Urban Forestry. Throughout that time he recruited, managed and trained at least 2,500 youth and adult trainees, interns, and volunteers. That training consisted of tree planting and maintenance, invasive plant removal and identification, urban agriculture, and stormwater mitigation.

Rooted and Sustained’s vision is to help create a world full of productive and environmentally harmonic green spaces.